How Fast Can a Greyhound Run? Answer – REALLY FAST!

By Brian Cooper •  Updated: 03/12/23 •  6 min read
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Greyhound Running in YardThe Greyhound is a popular breed of dog, known for its intelligence and speed. But just how fast can a Greyhound run?

Greyhounds have been bred specifically over time to be racing dogs that can reach incredible speeds. The average top speed of a greyhound is around 43 miles per hour (mph). However, some greyhounds have been clocked running even faster with the world record for top speed of a greyhound being 68 mph! WOW!

Our Greyhound Brittany – Is She Fast?

I can tell you for sure by experience that greyhounds are FAST. We’ve had two greyhounds over the past 5+ years and they can really turn on the speed at a moments notice.

You wouldn’t be able to tell from the picture below, but Brittany the Greyhound can run FAST!  She’s also a couch potato so it’s hard to tell sometimes. LOL!

Brittany the Greyhound being a couch potato

We often have a hard time containing Brittany inside the house. If the kids get her all crazy when they play with her, she’ll often zoom from one end of the house to the other running as fast as she can.

My carpets are wearing down with all of the crazy running she does!

When we take her outside, we do use the longest retractable leash you can buy because she has tendancy to run out to the yard faster than I can catch up to her.

I know a lot of people are against these retractable leashes as they can hurt the greyhound’s neck, but if you’re really careful you can use them safely. Probably a post or article for another time to talk more about that.

But again, we like to allow Brittany to get her exercise so she can run like a crazy in the backyard with her leash attached.

It’s funny to watch her come back inside afterwards too as she’s huffing and puffing because she lost her breath running. We all know when Brittany was outside because she pants like crazy when she comes back inside.

It’s a running joke in the family!

Why are Greyhounds So Fast?

Greyhounds are some of the fastest domesticated animals on earth – they can reach speeds of up to 45 mph! So why are greyhounds so fast? It’s all in their build.

Greyhounds have a unique combination of musculature and slender, aerodynamic bodies that allow them to run quickly and efficiently.

Brittany the Greyhound running around the yard

They also have extremely long legs, powerful muscles and a flexible spine that allows their bodies to be more agile and move with greater speed.

The combination of these features allows Greyhounds to reach an incredible top speed in a very short period of time.

Greyhounds are also bred for strength – another key factor in why they are so fast. All of these factors together make greyhounds one of the fastest running animals in the world. They are truly an amazing breed!

How Fast Can a Greyhound Run in MPH?

Greyhounds are well-known for their incredible speed and agility, however they are not the only fast animals out there.

Compared to other dog breeds such as terriers and Shetland Sheepdogs, Greyhounds can run up to 40 mph, significantly faster than the usual 22 mph of other breeds.

Greyhound Speed Comparison to other Dogs and Animals

When it comes to wild or domesticated animals, Greyhounds can out run most, including horses and wolves. In fact, cheetahs are the only land animals that can beat a Greyhound in speed at up to 75 mph!

So while Greyhounds may be incredibly fast dogs, they are still not the fastest animal on earth.

With proper training and care however, they can provide an exciting and unique running experience that cannot be matched.

It’s amazing to think that dogs can run so fast, and greyhounds are no exception. To put this into perspective, a human being would have to run at around 115 mph in order to keep up with a racing greyhound on the track!

The Office Speed Radar GIFs | Tenor

How Quickly Do Greyhounds Get Up To TOP Speed

Greyhounds can reach their top speed very quickly, and they can maintain it for a good amount of time too.

While their sprints are typically short in length, they can maintain speeds close to 40 mph even while running long distances.

Greyhounds typically use a gallop when running, which helps the dog to conserve energy and run efficiently.

In addition to their incredible speed, greyhounds have some other useful qualities that make them great for racing. They are light on their feet and can change direction quickly. This makes it much easier for them to maneuver around obstacles on a track.

Greyhounds also have great endurance and are able to maintain high speeds for long distances.

Greyhounds are some of the fastest canines in the world, and their incredible speed is something that has been developed over time through careful breeding. If you ever find yourself running with a greyhound on the track, make sure your shoes are securely tied tight!

Keeping Greyhounds Safe When Running

Of course, with any breed of pet dog, it’s important to remember that they should not be pushed too hard. While greyhounds can run very fast, it is best to make sure they are running in a safe and controlled environment.

For owners, ensure you have an adequate amount of space to ensure your Greyhound has plenty of room to do ‘zoomies.’

If you don’t have a greyhound, zoomies are those quick spurts of running that you’ll often see a greyhound do in the backyard. It’s a sight to see for sure!

A fenced in yard can be super important to allow your greyhound to run like the often do. For those without a fenced yard, sometimes it’s nice to find a friend who has one so you can let your greyhound release that energy.

We’ve even found some local baseball and sports fields that were fenced up that we’ve taken our greyhound to just to run around (but be sure to pick up after them so the owners don’t get upset.)

Also, make sure you always seek advice from an experienced vet before allowing your pet to engage in any strenuous activity. Make sure you’re not missing vet appointments and are always getting them checked out.

All in all, it’s clear that greyhounds are incredibly fast animals, and they have been bred over time to be some of the quickest canines on the planet. If you ever get a chance to witness one of these dogs running at full speed, you won’t soon forget it.

So next time you hear someone asking how fast can a greyhound run, you’ll have the answer!  REALLY FAST!

Happy running!

Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper is a 'Greyhound Dad' and is the founder of Rescued Greyhounds. His Greys "Gill" and "Brittany" are his inspiration and his mission is to teach about and promote the adoption of Greyhounds. He also has over 40+ years experience with many other breeds including Toy Poodles, Collies and Border Collies.

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